Bradford City Runs 2021

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Bradford City Runs 31st October 2021
 Road Closures -  Times  -   04:00 to 16:00
To download a pdf of the road closures - Click Here

Princes Way                         its full length
Godwin Street                      from Sunbridge Road to Manchester Road
Thornton Road                     from Godwin Street to Listerhills Road
Listerhills Road                    from Thornton Road for 68 meters in a westerly direction
Lower Grattan Road            its full length
Longside Lane                     its full length
Smith Street                         from Listerhills Road to tumbling Hill Street
Hey Street                             its full length
Richmond Road                   its full length
Shearbridge Road                from Campus Road to Great Horton Road
Woodhead Road                   from Summerville Road to Shearbridge Road
Great Horton Road               from Summerville Road to Godwin Street
Morley Street                         from Chester Street to Godwin Street
Back Laisteridge Lane         its full length
Laisteridge Lane                   from Sherborne Road to Great Horton Road
Randall Well Street               its full length
Chester Street                       its full length
Little Horton Lane                 from Chester Street to Princes Way
Norfolk Gardens                   its full length
Channing Way                       its full length
Bridge Street                         from Hall Ings to Sunbridge Road
Sunbridge Road                    from Bridge Street to Godwin Street
Broadway                               its full length
Bank Street                            from Hustlergate to Broadway
Charles Street                       its full length
Market Street                         its full length
Lower Kirkgate                      its full length
Manor Row                            from Cheapside to Upper Piccadilly
Cheapside                             from Lower Kirkgate to Manor Row
Canal Road                            from Lower Kirkgate to Balme Street
Bolton Road                          from Church Bank to Balme Street
Church Bank                         its full length
Peckover Street                    from East Parade to Barkerend Road
Chapel Street                         its full length
Burnett Street                        its full length
Well Street                             its full length
Vicar Lane                              its full length
Field Street                            its full length
Currer Street                          its full length
Hustlergate                            its full length